Fully considering the requirements for client implementation at RDM design, Bronzesoft commits itself to providing a simple, easy-to-use and open R&D management platform. RDM is easy to implement based on the successful implementation experiences of previous clients, with attention paid to the following 5 issues.

Build an implementation team

Based on previous experiences of clients, clients who have obtained better effects have a common feature: a special person is responsible for RDM implementation, and this person has high grade, like R&D director and R&D management. Therefore, building an implementation team is the base for successful implementation.

Prepare a detailed implementation plan and trace and monitor it

RDM implementation is a project itself, and needs to be executed according to project management methods. First, need to divide several stages, define staged objectives, and prepare a detailed implementation plan. Break down plan implementation to individual and day to ensure that relevant personnel undertakes responsibilities indeed; at the same time, summarize and report project progress every two weeks.

Learn and master the best R&D management methods in the industry through training

RDM is not a management system summarized and completed based on the R&D management methods of a company, it bears the best R&D management mode in the industry. Therefore, in order to implement RDM better, you need to understand specific RDM operation methods, and have an insight into the R&D management concept behind RDM. Therefore, the management needs attend corresponding R&D management training or read corresponding R&D management books.

Suggest that the management attends training of Huacheng R&D and management consultation. Visit huacheng.cnrdm.comfor detail.

Select right pilot project and project manager

  • Has global view, is willing to think over from the interests of the Company, and can know the significance of RDM implementation to the Company
  • Has high management level, has attended training of Huacheng R&D and management consultation preferably, and deep understanding of R&D management methods in the industry
  • Is willing to try new things and accept challenges

Implement long-term mechanism to endow with durative power

Implementation of IT tends to have a fine start and a poor finish, has good short-term effects, but cannot continue. RDM produces pressure. RDM makes all R&Ds transparent, and transparency produces pressure. For example, logbook requires every developer to fill in with work hours and defines every job, which produces large pressure:

  • Ordinary R&D engineers are under pressure. They will have nothing to fill in if they have nothing to do for the day, and leaders will know that at a glance;
  • Project managers are under pressure. How do you act as a project manager if project members have nothing to do?
  • Product managers are under pressure. Why does the Company support us if the whole product team has nothing to do?
  • The Company is under pressure. Will the Company be closed as developers are paid with high salary and not fully used?

In order to guarantee continual use of RDM, constantly enhance the Company’s R&D capability and become a free kingdom, the Company needs to prepare corresponding long-term mechanism, and converts it to specific flows, systems, assessment, and job qualification certification. For example:

  • In order to ensure continual technical review, it is necessary to prepare Expert Management System for Technical Review, and experts’ performance in review directly decides job qualification evaluation;
  • In order to ensure preparation and strict implementation of project plan, it is necessary to prepare Project Management System, with regular summary of each project’s deviation, and the workload of project members;
  • In order to ensure continual collection and summary of market needs, it is necessary to prepare Market Needs Management System, and ensure that needs are collected and summarized at each client contact, entry to client's site and after-sales visit;