R&D Knowledge Management

  • Share the industry’s knowledge bases through contextualized knowledge management

    How to find the knowledge base that you need in this age of information explosion? Library-style knowledge management has become obsolete. We must combine R&D knowledge bases and product development activities. This is contextualized knowledge management. When product development reaches a certain stage, all the templates, operation guides and tablet of review elements are ready for you to use and directly associate with specific project development activities. Share the industry’s knowledge bases through contextualized knowledge management
  • Incorporate the accumulation and sharing of knowledge into daily R&D work

    R&D knowledge management plays a very important role in product development. Through knowledge management, accumulate successful experiences and lessons of failure to avoid repeating the same mistakes and achieve the transformation of “old hands make new products, new hands make old products”.
    The accumulation of R&D knowledge must be integrated into daily work to accumulate knowledge while working and work while accumulating knowledge. Make employees grow rapidly through R&D knowledge management.
  • Build a CBB (Common Building Block) through knowledge management

    "The degree of innovation of products of U.S. science and technology companies does not exceed 28%, because 72% of the mature technology has completed technology accumulation in development of these companies’ other product and can be used directly. "——Product Development Management Association(WWW.PDMA.ORG
    Therefore, technology sharing must be achieved for development of new products. Create CBBs in the product development process. On the one hand, we need to use others’ CBBs. Meanwhile, we shall also form some CBBs to be used by others.