R&D Project Management

"Product development is a process, which mainly focuses on client needs, combines needs with the company’s technology and skills and then translates opportunities into products and services. Usually for all the products developed by a company, the process is similar. Although products are different, the project team composition, decision-making, planning and implementation of many specific steps are consistent. In fact, there are also great similarities between product development flow of different companies"
  • Visually show the stage, health status and importance of projects
  • Flexiblely defined of project quantitative KPI, develop of quantitative targets, automatically aggregated results to show deviations intuitively and generate process capability baseline (PCB)
  • Flexible definition of project portfolio dimensions, custom-define health indicator, automatically push of the exception information , healthy state shows visually in one page
  • Fully support the three-level planned management system for R&D projects
  • Intuitively show the project monitoring points, show changes in the course of the project by trend graph to analyze the reasons for the changes
  • Summarize workload arrangements for personnel in an inter-project manner to comprehensively and truthfully report personnel’s workloads.
  • Automatically implement comparative analysis of plans and reality to find points of management optimization
  • Real-time summary of product changes, and support links to show detailed information
  • Build a network project team to achieve interregional communication
  • Build virtual project office, to create a common online home of the project team for exchanging ideas and sharing technology
  • Automatically calculate projects’ manpower costs and summarize other costs based on tasks to conduct comprehensive budget and cost management
  • Automatic accumulate risk pools and carry out comprehensive management around risk pools
  • Implement the identification, analysis, tracking and resolution of problems throughout the process
  • Flexibly define statistical charts by state, by severity, by ownership, by personnel or by time
  • Standardize review and inspection, automatically and continually track review issues, and automatic summarize review experts's performances
  • Achieve centralized networked management of documents to facilitate the sharing of R&D knowledge
  • Browse and markup online, can read but can’t download, more safety
  • Support to check in/check out, automatically upgrade versions, compare and analysis with different versions
  • Customizing baseline review process, packaged download of baseline content
  • Implement management of change request, approval, implementation and verification throughout the process
  • Throughout customized process configuration, support the full implementation of IT for R&D
  • Throughout the development of customized plugins, the company can flexibly define and generate statistical charts to meet the company’s management requirements
RDM is committed to providing a simple, easy-to-use and open R&D project management. Achieve summarization and sharing of R&D information through RDM.

R&D project management as an enabler for product development flow

Structured product development flow based on product and life cycle optimization methods (PACE theory) are one of the seven core elements ensuring the success of R&D. Structured product management flows have such characteristics as being stratified, graded, parallel and role-based. Through the project plan templates of RDM, we can fully support the practical implementation of product development flow to avoid separating flow from implementation.

Support comprehensive R&D project management

R&D project management involves needs, plans, tasks, teams, evaluation, defects, logs, problems, risks, documents and other aspects. A core value of RDM project management lies in achieving summarization and centralized management of R&D project information and smooth exchange of information.

Achieve quantitative management of R&D projects through report engine

Without quantification, there would be no management; without objective historical data records, it would be very difficult to accurately predict the future, RDM’s report engine function is modeled after Excel chart patterns, thereby allowing users to flexibly define various types (columnar graph, bar chart, pie chart, trend chart, etc.) of charts without requiring much expertise and helping quantitative R&D management.

Support the implementation of the industry's best R&D management models

The results of practical implementation by many high-tech comprehensive show that PACE, NPD, IPD, CMMI and other best R&D management practices in the industry are very effective and can ultimately shorten the product development cycle (by 40% to 60%), increase R&D efficiency (by 25% ~ 30%) and reduce R&D costs (reduce waste by 50%~80%; through RDM, companies can reduce costs and implement and carry out the industry’s best R&D management models faster and more sustainably.